Why BMW Blows Smoke Out of the Tail Pipe

As you may already know, if there is a conspicuous change in the color of smoke coming from your BMW’s exhaust pipe, it’s an indication that something could be wrong that needs fixing. And although it depends on the type of smoke and the severity of the smoke coming out of your BMW’ s exhaust pipe, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So you should know what it means. In this article, http://www.bmwservicenewyork.com/ discusses just that.

Thick White Smoke

If the engine coolant in your car is faulty, it could be the cause of this severe problem. In fact, this is commonest cause of this problem. You should never ignore this as the engine can overheat and suffer extensive damage even if the leak is small. The engine of your car will eventually overheat if the cylinder head in your car is damaged, or if the engine block is creaked. There are other reasons why this could happen like blown head gasket.

To fix this, your engine need to be rebuilt. Or you could get a new one. Obviously you can’t do this yourself. You’ll need a well-trained or certified technician to do it.

Thin White Smoke or Vapor

On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry about thinner white smoke, especially when it disappears quickly. This is just normal condensation which build up inside the exhaust system. So there is no cause for alarm.

Blue or Gray Smoke

If your BMW is leaking blue or gray smoke, it is most likely that the problem is coming from your engine’s combustion chamber, meaning oil is being burned in the combustion chamber.  This can be a result of clogged oil passage, or caused by a more serious problem.

Don’t ignore smoke from your tail pipe.  It is better to fix it sooner than allow other engine parts to become damaged.