Toyota Or Saturn? Which Brand Is More Reliable?


Car brands; and the debate of which is the best car to purchase has been going on for many years. When looking for a new car, you may come upon a crossroad (pardon the pun) between two different brands of cars. The brands I wish to compare today are the popular brands of Toyota and Saturn.

Both are widely known and have been producing cars for many years. They have also been known for competing over the same clients, and producing cars that are similar, and striving to out compete the other.

Overall, the Toyota models seem to be far higher priced and weak when it comes to their interior designs and functions (such as the radio), than those of Saturn.  The brand of Saturn is known for placing cars on the market that are fuel efficient, a smooth ride, have well built-in safety features, and handle well on the road.

According to Toyota Service Orange County, the Toyota is currently in competition with Honda and has upgraded all its features for the Toyota Camry in order to target the market. This, however, raises the price of the car and does not make it any more durable. Toyota has been known for doing this, on its earlier models, and many customers have been disappointed by the hasty upgrades in order to pull ahead of the competition.

Overall, did not fix the flaws that were seen in the earlier models but made the car more expensive. This can be seen in comparing the 2009 Saturn Outlook, the 2009 Toyota Highlander, and the 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The Saturn Outlook got better reviews for all of its features. The Toyota Highlander was noted for being fuel efficient and a smooth ride.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid also offers better features for a far higher price, including four-wheel drive. However, critics were still disappointed in its performance compared to the 2009 Saturn Outlook. The same flaws from past models within the interior were within the vehicle and the upgrades did not cover for them. And the heightened price made it more reasonable to go to the Saturn.

All in all, both, the Toyota and the Saturn make good choices for the road and families. They both carry good compact SUV’s with some of the very same features. However, the Saturn always seems to stand above when it comes to its overall credibility and customer reviews, hence, making the Saturn more reliable.