Is a BMW more expensive to maintain then a Saturn?


BMW and a Saturn are two of the most popular cars on American roads.  San Francisco BMW Repair wants to present some information about the maintenance costs of the two cars for you to consider as you a decision about purchasing one of these cars.

Maintenance cost is basically cost you will incur for the general repair and maintenance of your car. Initially, when you buy a car, everything is in order. Your engine runs fine, all your car’s body parts are in order and there is no damage to any of the internal functions of your car. This is especially true for high-end Sedans like BMW.

But as your car ages, there will be some problems you are bound to face. And according to, BMW ranks as the costliest cars to maintain. No BMW cars come for cheap and that is also true for their maintenance parts. So naturally, maintaining a BMW is going to be far more expensive than maintaining a Saturn. Saturn’s car parts come at a comparatively cheaper rate.

Of course, it all also depends upon what model we are talking about. Maintenance cost will differ for different cars and it is safe to assume that more expensive your model is, be it either BMW or a Saturn, costlier your maintenance costs are going to be.

But let’s just come down to the numbers to see the difference between the maintenance cost of a Saturn and a BMW. According to the data published by, the average annual cost of maintaining a BMW comes at around $200-$300 compared to Saturn which will cost about $500-$700 to maintain.

It’s not even a match and it is almost expected because everything that is related to BMW is going to be expensive.  Besides, there is the factor of exclusivity that makes BMW more expensive to maintain than Saturn. Also, a small glitch in Saturn can be repaired at your local garage shop but it is not the case with BMW. You will have to visit your BMW dealership to get the smallest thing fixed, the reason being the overly complex aspects of BMW. For example, the majority of the cockpit buttons in a BMW car is a network of integrated networks instead of just simple switches in a Saturn.

Regardless, there is a sense of prestige when you drive a BMW and their comparatively expensive maintenance costs should not deter you from buying them. BMW offers a lengthy duration of free maintenance programs for your car that will ensure that your car drives long enough for you to consider selling it. So this is something one can look forward to when buying a Beamer.