How Often Does My Car Need An Auto Repair?

How often does my car need an auto repair?

This is a good question we here at Auto Repair Chula Vista and there’s probably no direct answer as to how many times you should keep checking with a mechanic. Each car is unique.

In fact, an important step to avoiding auto-repair rip-offs and sudden breakdowns is to understand your vehicle. A good car owner should at least have some hand on skills when it comes to identifying some of the common mechanical failures, their causes and how the failure could be resolved- but not necessarily hands-on expertise.

All vehicles suffer some mechanical failure sooner or later provided they are put in continuous use. The difference would be how much you’ll spend on the repairs. In order to avoid hefty transmission & suspension repair charges in the future; it’s important to keep your car in shape and more importantly use the owner’s manual to keep track of the regular services and preventive maintenance.

While regular servicing is recommended, your solid judgment is necessary for avoiding spending money on your vehicle unnecessarily. A suggestion of changing your car’s oil every two weeks may not stand up to the manufacturer’s standards but a shady quick oil-change shops may take advantage of your ignorance. Below are some important tips you can use to keep track of your car’s performance.

Dashboard messages

Most vehicles come with warning messages that can be read on the dashboard. These messages should be interpreted correctly to give hints on common issues such as the oil & coolant levels, braking system, engine failures, and tire pressure. These signs are in form of lit-up on the screen and your manual will explain the meaning of each in details.

Listen to your Car

Do you hear any weird or different noises than you are use to hearing.  This indicates it is time for a mechanic to take a look and what may be going on.

Keep an eye on the ground where you park

If you notice spots, fluid or puddles where you park that is another indication there is something wrong.  Here is a guide to help you determine what might be leaking.

Follow the advice in your user’s manual

If you aren’t noticing anything wrong then a regular oil change and maintenance check at the suggested time intervals in your user’s manual are just what your car needs.  This regular servicing will keep your car in great running condition.