How Deep Should The Tread Be On My Tires?

change of tyres

People don’t always go around thinking about their tires day in and day out, unless like at tires longview, tires are your business. After all, they have plenty of other stuff on their plates with school, work, and life in general. Still, though, it is a good idea to give your wheels a once over every now and again. Why? Well, because most folks don’t want to be on the side of a highway trying to change a flat in the middle of the night, that is why.

Also, blowouts can be dangerous. For example, if the driver has never experienced the situation before, he or she might jerk the steering wheel in an attempt to correct the handling, only to crash into the side of another car. Nobody wants that as collisions lead to injuries and loss of life. So, add an inspection to your to-do list, and with any luck, you won’t get thrust into harm’s way by a flat.

The Tread Should Be One Of The Primary Areas Of Concern

The majority of states have regulations regarding the thickness of tire tread, which is measured 32nds of an inch. In most cases, the tread depth must measure 2/32 of an inch for a car to be on the road legally. There is a reason why governments don’t want bald tires on passenger vehicles. 

If they are flat with no tread, mud, water, and other substances can build up on the wheel, causing the car to veer out of control. Tread prevents such a problem from occurring. The paths push water, snow, or whatever away from where the tire contacts the ground. In turn, the vehicle gains better traction and is easier to control.

Try The Penny Test

New tires frequently feature tread that is between 10/32″ and 11/32″ thick. So, how thick yours should be all depends on you. How much control and traction do you want to have while driving in the elements? Consider sticking a penny between the tread. President Lincoln’s head should be facing down. If the rubber covers the head of the figure, you have at least 2/32 of an inch left. When the entire head can be seen, it is probably time to invest in some new tires.