Developments in Driver Safety through Technology

Technology sometimes seems to be the enemy of driver safety these days with the distraction brought on by handheld phones and texting. Technology of this sort has also made cars safer. One example of this would be seatbelts which have saved thousands upon thousands of lives.  Here are 3 other technical options that you can use to keep you and your family safe and less likely to need Auto Repair in Eugene.


Although it is reducing our ability to use maps or get to places just suing memory, GPS is relatively hands off meaning that we don’t need to have maps and other things laid out before us. We also will not be distracted by looking for the right street since the GPS will tell us. In this way, the GPS ha removed distractions from the driver’s focus. This has arguably made roads safer.

Back-Up Camera

Backing into a parking space or pulling out of drive way can be a nerve wracking experience as well as be a literal pain in the neck. Back Up Cameras however make it easier to navigate these situations and give the driver more visibility behind the car. This way it is easier to notice a detail like that they are too close to a tree just behind them as they are backing up or a car not following the speed limit in residential area that rockets by them as they try to pull out of their driveway to go to work.


Although we could just listen to the radio while driving, there seems to be this urge in our culture to stay connected through smartphones and other devices even while driving. Also, important information does need to be conveyed while driving at a times, such as a change of plans for a meeting place. The Bluetooth has helped with this, because someone can stay on the phone with both of their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes fully on the road. The danger that is texting while driving has been mitigated.

In some very expensive cars there are now Pre-Collision Systems which will calculate the likelihood of an accident. If the system determines that the accident is likely enough to be unavoidable, it will slow down and stop the car and lock the seatbelts. Although this may also be a stepping stone to AI’s taking over human society and becoming our post-human overlords, it also could prevent many collisions. If you can afford it, it might be worth it. Would you rather be 4,000 dollars richer or alive?