Most Common Catalytic Converter Issues

The catalytic converter is a container that boosts emissions control in your vehicle exhaust system. All the harmful chemicals from your vehicle get filtered through this converter including carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds and any other unwanted risky emissions. However, there are issues or hindrances that affect the operation of the catalytic converter. Below are the most common catalytic converter issues that affect its effectiveness:


Excessive heat in the exhaust system causes failure in the catalytic converter which will be indicated by the engine light even when driving. One of the reasons for this excessive heating is the failure of the one or more oxygen sensors which are connected to the exhaust system. The main duty of the oxygen sensor is to measure the ratio of air to liquid fuel, and when it fails, the mixture is not well regulated, and this causes overheating in the converter. Oxygen sensor failure can be detected by use of engine diagnostic system which is mostly found in many modern vehicles.


When you fail to maintain your exhaust system properly, your catalytic converter will clog over a certain period. Additionally, the exhaust system might also fail to work efficiently, and this can also lead to clogging. Failing to recognize the problem earlier can be costly as the clogging might cause excessive damage to your catalytic converter and the exhaust system. Cleaning and maintaining your exhaust system is one proper way of preventing clogging in the converter.


The filtering container can also be affected by contamination and this can result from several different circumstances. These situations that lead to contamination include excessive end particles that build up in the exhaust system as a result of the burning of fuel. The coolant can also leak into the engine and cause contamination. Early detection of contamination can save you from paying costs to high repair your catalytic converter.

The information above represents the most common catalytic converter issues to look out for and make the necessary decision regarding Auto Repair for your vehicle to properly get rid of the harmful chemicals.