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What To Look For In A Great Mechanic Shop

Do you know what to look for in a Great Mechanic/ Repair Shop? How do you know that the repair shop has the certified technicians to perform the necessary repairs on your vehicle?

Here are some tips from Hybrid Repair San Diego to help you make an informed, correct choice for the Mechanic Repair Shop to do the needed repairs on your vehicle.

  • There should be visual documentation in the customer waiting area for the employees and technicians that are servicing your vehicle. This information is usually posted in the office area of the repair shop along with other required city licenses.
  • In the choice of a car repair shop, there are some visual indicators that can help you select the best shop to get your vehicle repaired and safely back on the road.
  • This might sound weird, but it’s kind of like looking for a good restaurant. The shop should have a clean, safe work area for the employees and service technicians.
  • Is the repair shop neat and organized or is it pretty cluttered and dirty? That could make a difference in how the shop can service or repair your vehicle correctly.
  • Are there signs of a cluttered work area? Knowing that certain tools are required to do any repair, it can be obvious when the work area is not in good order. This can be important for the technician to work efficiently on your vehicle repairs.
  • It doesn’t matter who the technician is in the repair shop, or how long that technician has worked there, it’s always good to see that they have access to an on line computer in the service area to help them keep up to date on the most current repair diagnosis for your particular vehicle application.
  • Some shops require a scheduled repair appointment to have work done on your vehicle. That is an indicator that the shop is doing good work because customers are getting the best service possible for the needed service on their vehicles, and they have a good repair reputation.
  • Another good observation about the service shop is the waiting area. No one wants to wait for the service for your vehicle, but sometimes it happens. Most shops want to get your car in and fixed quickly so you can get down the road. If the waiting area looks like a storage area for car parts….hmmm.
  • And of course it should be customer friendly. You know, clean bathroom facilities and the like.
  • Most of these repair shops have internet ratings such as Yelp or Facebook that could be a great place to start for deciding where to take your car in for repairs

This should help you make an informed decision on where to have your vehicle serviced.

Top Reasons Your Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Working

AC Repair

You cannot live without an air conditioner in your car. At some point, you will need to get your car serviced. It does not matter how well you treat your vehicle because using the AC frequently puts a lot of stress on the compressor, the hoses, and eventually, the Freon gas.

The fast answer is given to us by Alex owner of the Car Doctor a Auto Repair Shop in Pleasant Hill he says, “the most common solution for your AC not working is a Freon Recharge.”

For more detail about your auto ac system, there are signs that will alert you as to when you need to bring your car in. If you turn on the AC and no cold air kicks in or it feels like a fan blowing, something is wrong. Air conditioner repairs on vehicles are common. We are well-equipped to provide service or repairs for most any vehicle.

Are you hearing strange sounds when you turn on the AC?

Test this by turning the AC to MAX or high. Put your ear near one of the AC vents, and listen. If you hear weird noises, you might have a faulty compressor.

At what temperature is the air conditioner running?

Does it feel frosty? Or, does it feel cold and then become warm? There is a clear problem when the AC does not deliver appropriately cold air for the temperature setting. If it blows cold air intermittently take note of whether it is blowing warm air that is similar to the air outside.

Are blowers working at the correct settings? Does the air flow correctly when you have it to various settings? If you put the air on MAX does it blow at full blast or not? If the air that comes out of the vents does not feel right depending on the setting, you could have a broken fan motor.

Are there strange smells coming from out of the vents?

If you smell anything odd when the AC is one, it could indicate a leak. This means that recharging it with Freon is not going to solve your problems. The smells can vary, but anything that strikes you as odd and is not coming from outside is a problem.

If it smells moldy it could just be that you need a new cabin air filter. Get your vehicle to a repair shop as soon as you can. You want to keep anything further from harming your air conditioning system.

Are High Mileage Warranties Worth It?

autowarWhen you purchase your new car your probably expecting to keep it for a couple hundred thousand miles. So when the warranty only goes to 50,000 or at the highest 100,000 miles. It seems to make sense to buy the extended warranty, right?

David at Rancho Smog & Auto Repair Temecula says “The car manufacturers have so much data and are incredibly smart. They have data and know if your vehicle is maintained properly you most likely won’t even touch the warranty.”

Seem to make sense because warranty items can be so expensive. Here lies the big secret, when your given a warranty from the car manufacturer you also have a list of pre-requisites to maintain. For example you have to rotate your tires at certain intervals, do oil changes, do your fluid flushes. If those things are not completed it can void your warranty.

What does this mean? Well the car manufacturers are smart and like to make money just like the dealership. The big secret is IF you keep up on your scheduled maintenance many times those BIG warranty items your worried about never occur.

So when they roll out that warranty plan that costs $$$, it also comes with a must do list to keep the warranty valid.

This is essentially telling you if you don’t purchase the warranty but keep up on all your scheduled maintenance many times those big warranty items will never brake. As you can assume there is no absolutes, however if the dealership is gambling they will make money off of never fulfilling on your warranty items it’s safe to say you can as well.

Second, most people sell or trade in their vehicles in 7-10, in most cases your warranty is not transferable. This means if you drive an average of 10,000 miles per year. You will only get to 70,000 or 100,000 miles. You would never need a warranty past those miles anyway.

The last thing to remember is

In conclusion it’s a safe bet to not buy the warranty. You see each vehicle goes through a extremely detailed testing phase, then the manufactures have reports back on how the vehicle is performing for years. This is how they can take an very data educated guess on how long your vehicle will last, and when or if parts on your vehicle will fail.

When you take all this into consideration, it’s a safe bet not to purchase the warranty.  However, if your a worrier and you DO keep your car for 10-15 years or until the wheels fall off. You could spend the extra money to take off the burden of worry. Remember to keep your scheduled maintenance top of mind and fulfill all of those maintenance requirements at the proper time.

Learn more about extended warranties here.