Top Reasons Your Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Working

AC Repair

You cannot live without an air conditioner in your car. At some point, you will need to get your car serviced. It does not matter how well you treat your vehicle because using the AC frequently puts a lot of stress on the compressor, the hoses, and eventually, the Freon gas.

The fast answer is given to us by Alex owner of the Car Doctor a Auto Repair Shop in Pleasant Hill┬áhe says, “the most common solution for your AC not working is a Freon Recharge.”

For more detail about your auto ac system, there are signs that will alert you as to when you need to bring your car in. If you turn on the AC and no cold air kicks in or it feels like a fan blowing, something is wrong. Air conditioner repairs on vehicles are common. We are well-equipped to provide service or repairs for most any vehicle.

Are you hearing strange sounds when you turn on the AC?

Test this by turning the AC to MAX or high. Put your ear near one of the AC vents, and listen. If you hear weird noises, you might have a faulty compressor.

At what temperature is the air conditioner running?

Does it feel frosty? Or, does it feel cold and then become warm? There is a clear problem when the AC does not deliver appropriately cold air for the temperature setting. If it blows cold air intermittently take note of whether it is blowing warm air that is similar to the air outside.

Are blowers working at the correct settings? Does the air flow correctly when you have it to various settings? If you put the air on MAX does it blow at full blast or not? If the air that comes out of the vents does not feel right depending on the setting, you could have a broken fan motor.

Are there strange smells coming from out of the vents?

If you smell anything odd when the AC is one, it could indicate a leak. This means that recharging it with Freon is not going to solve your problems. The smells can vary, but anything that strikes you as odd and is not coming from outside is a problem.

If it smells moldy it could just be that you need a new cabin air filter. Get your vehicle to a repair shop as soon as you can. You want to keep anything further from harming your air conditioning system.