4 tips for making driving with your dog safer

Image result for dog truck windowWell, there is the option of just not driving with your dog if you can manage. Dogs don’t like being in cramped spaces, they are descendants of woodland creatures. But sometimes dogs do have to be driven places like to a veterinarian and some people just like taking their pets everywhere. If you are looking for Auto Repair in Lake Elsinore or just some tips for driving with your dog, we are here to help.

1. Bring Supplies

If you are driving with your dog, bring everything you will need for the dog. This includes collars, ID tags with contact information in case the dog gets lost, treats and snacks, and doggie bags in case the dog needs to cleanse its bowels, that might have been to graphic actually, anyway, you know what I mean. Bring what you need.

2. Kennels

True, dogs are often fluffy creatures which are fun to cuddle with, except when they are not anything of the sort, but it is safer for the dog and for you to keep it in a kennel which is strapped down by bungee cords or some sort of restraint. If you are a dog-owner, I would recommend you procure one.

3. Dog seatbelts

If the kennel idea does not work out there are also dog seatbelts. These can come in a variety of sizes to fit different dogs depending on size and weight. It is apparently safer, though it may sound odd.

4. Keep them Calm

Kennels and seatbelts make them safer, but sometimes you may not be able to use these or the dog may just not be cooperating and may be too much of a distraction. Once way avoid this would be to keep them calm while in the car. For a dog, especially a puppy, being in a car can be an exciting experience, thus it is important to keep them calm. This could include rewarding them for sitting down and staying quiet by giving them cuddles or petting them, while stopped at a stoplight or stopping point of course, whenever they behave and keep themselves calm. This could be easy or difficult depending on the dog and will require an owner to know its dog and have an understanding of dog psychology. Any owner should be able to do this though.

Regardless of how safe your pet is, that may not matter if your car is not a safe place so it would be best to make sure it is safe and driving well. You can do this by stopping by AB Auto Repair & Tire Shop. They will take care of you.